Automotive Professional Services

Production proven professional services for automotive embedded 金宝博滚球专家software

With 金宝博滚球专家software and services in use by many automotive OEMs and tier one suppliers,Mentor has a proven track record of delivering embedded 金宝博滚球专家software services from concept and architecture planning to start of production (SoP) signoff.Mentor's worldwide support infrastructure allows for the effective long-term maintenance of custom 金宝博滚球专家software projects.


Architecture and Strategy Definition for Hardware and 金宝博滚球专家Software

Evaluate and profile leading automotive SoCs based on your specific functional and performance needs.Provide 金宝博滚球专家software architecture and design guidelines.Enable 金宝博滚球专家software development,debug,and system integration to begin even before the production hardware is available withvirtual prototype solutions.

Network Topology Design for AUTOSAR Implementations

Manage the rapidly growing vehicle electronic system complexity due the demand for increased functionality in all vehicle system from ADAS to engine control.UseMentor AUTOSAR tools and servicesto address the design challenge of increasing ECU count and associated vehicle network traffic.

IVI Head Unit and Cluster Development

A modern vehicle'sIVIandinstrument clusterestablish the customer's first impression.Deliver  connected,dynamic,and responsive HMIs with differentiated features driven by consumer electronics capability expectations.

Open Source 金宝博滚球专家Software Adoption

Incorporate royalty free open source 金宝博滚球专家software for your projects and maintain protection for your unique IP while simultaneously managing the obligations of the GNU Public License (GPL) with theMentor Embedded Automotive Technology Platform.Mentor has hundreds of person years of experience in open source 金宝博滚球专家software projects with over 1500 contributions to Linux at  and many other open source projects.

Security for Vehicle Connectivity

Vehicle connectivity is rapidly expanding to support applications ranging from telematics for insurance pricing to smartphone and web connectivity for infotainment.Mentor brings experience in a wide variety of automotive connectivity,networking,and security technologies such as Ethernet,AVB,Wi-Fi,DRSC,GPS,CAN,MOST,FlexRay,AUTOSAR,Arm TrustZone® and Secure Virtualization.

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