Internet of Things

The digitalization and automation is driving deep changes within industriali applications throughout the world today

OEMs and manufacturers alike are implementing extensive programs to gain transparency into supply chains, production systems and user behaviors to enable entirely new and innovative business models. The Internet of Things is being used across every stage of the value chain, giving customers a competitive edge through greater flexibility, efficiency, and quality.

导师has decades of experience in embedded systems and offers the capabilities and services to address the challenges of realizing devices that empower Internet of Things (IoT).

Industrie 4.0 Solutions

Concept through Post-release

In today’s fast-paced development environment we partner with customers to architect, develop, and support next-generation smart devices.

The Cloud

Strategic decisions are more reliant on cloud-based data and applications. Mentor offers flexible embedded device solutions to support public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Smart Devices

导师offers a secure platform with a breadth of connectivity options for smart device enablement. Software developers and system architects are able to design a robust and secure IoT platforms using our tested and proven embedded software solutions.


Every connected device within the IoT framework needs a strategy to support security and be able to take advantage of both the hardware and software capabilities. It’s critical that ongoing security patches be made available and applied to devices after deployment. From hardware and software security enablement to supporting a device after release, Mentor is deeply committed to IoT/IIoT security.

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