Nucleus ReadyStart

Enablement Platform for Developers

The Mentor Embedded™ Nucleus ReadyStart platform brings together integrated 金宝博滚球专家software IP,tools,把服务变成一个,"“随时可用”解决方案非常适用于占地面积小的应用程序,确定性性能,and small code size are essential.

Nucleus ReadyStart answers the most critical development challenges: Cost and time to market.By providing a single distribution that accelerates fast bring-up of a complete system – and by offering rich board support packages (BSPs) along with Mentor Embedded Sourcery Tools,集成用户界面开发,以及电源管理服务——软件开发人员能够创建复杂的金宝博滚球专家out-of-the-box target platforms instantly.

Nucleus ReadyStart Features


  • System and application workflows
  • 完全集成”“随时可用”方法
  • 基于安全稳定的RTOS内核
  • Broad support for hardware: MCU,DSP,FPGA,MPU
  • 全面的中间件产品
  • Toolchain integration with Sourcery tools
  • 与Qt®UI框架集成


Nucleus RTOS supports leading embedded architectures,including:

  • 手臂
  • 冷火
  • 微火焰
  • MIPS


Fast and easy design configuration

Single,unified source tree and make-based build system make it easy to build simple to complex systems – fast




Design with confidence using Sourcery Tools in all phases of development


Develop UIs with the industry standard Qt framework fully integrated with Nucleus



核ReadyStart包括Sourcery CodeBench,涵盖了嵌入式开发的各个方面,integrating a GNU-based complier and debugger,with optional JTAG support and the popular源分析仪能力,all within an Eclipse based IDE.

System level trace and analysis visualization

The Nucleus Add-on for the Qt framework includes Qt library trace points and analysis agents compatible with源分析仪帮助调查和解决常见的QtUI性能问题。Sourcery Analyzer提供了与在Nucleus RTOS中跟踪的事件相关的时间的分析可视化,middleware and device drivers.

UI simulation via QEMU

Provides PC host-based simulation of UI designs via QEMU with host hardware graphics acceleration enabling effective desk top UI development allowing UI developers to iterate and be productive in parallel with the other development team members bringing up the target hardware.


The Nucleus Add-on for the Qt framework includes a footprint management wizard that allows developers to easily configure which Qt library modules are included in the target image thereby facilitating a significant reduction in the Qt library memory footprint.

UI integration

使用Qt框架的可选Nucleus插件为嵌入式设备创建引人注目的用户界面。The Nucleus Add-on for the Qt framework is fully integrated with the Nucleus ReadyStart IDE making the overall UI development workflow significantly more streamlined and manageable.

The integration of Qt with the Nucleus RTOS enables embedded UI developers to access the full benefits of the extensive Qt open source development community,cross-platform support,广泛的市场渗透,and wide availability of Qt skills and resources.qt框架的Nucleus插件包括qt Designer UI开发工具和qt核心,qt-gui和qt-widget-ui库模块。In addition to these Qt project open source based components,the add-on also provides several powerful tools and features not available in the standard open source Qt project 金宝博滚球专家software distribution that extend the power of Qt framework for embedded UI design.

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