Volcano System Builder (VSB) and VSB-SWC

Vehicle System Builder (VSB) SWC Designer is an authoring and integration tool for AUTOSAR 金宝博滚球专家Software Components (SWCs).VSB helps manage complexity for today's electronic control units (ECUs),reducing error count and getting products to market faster.

Mentor Automotive Autosar Solution
Mentor Automotive Autosar Solution
  • Closely aligned to an AUTOSAR methodology.VSB supports Mentor Automotive VSTAR AUTOSAR 金宝博滚球专家software as well as software stacks and MCALs from 3rd-party vendors.It provides native support for AUTOSAR model descriptions including splitability,which allows separation and management of ECU components.
  • Complete AUTOSAR ECU configuration tool.*VSB features include module configuration,system editing (deployment of SWCs and definition of the communication table),and SWC editing (both graphical editors and table-based editors).
  • Extendable.*VSB features can be extended to suit specific needs,such as consistency checks,specific editors,and scripting.It can make use of many standard Eclipse features such as configuration management and report generators.



  • The configuration tool for VSTAR and other modules supporting the AUTOSAR methodology,VSB helps integrate applications for proper VSTAR configuration.
  • Supports multiple input formats.
  • Advanced editors guide users.
  • Includes GUI and command line interfaces,making it easy to automate the configuration and build process.

VSB-SWC Designer

  • VSB-SWC Designer helps design an AUTOSAR SWC architecture
  • Application design and authoring tool for VSB design to be used by the application developer
  • Supports graphical and table-based SWC editors
  • Helps deploy application to VSTAR platform
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