We created Mentor Safe with one overarching goal: Enabling ISO 26262.Mentor Safe ensures that our entire portfolio of automotive tools and products are suitable for use in ISO 26262 SoC,hardware,金宝博滚球专家software,and system design.We provide a broad array of ISO 26262 documentation and tool qualification,with third-party certification for select products.

ISO 26262 is a standard for functional safety of E/E (electrical & electronic) components in road vehicles up to 3500 kg.Mentor Automotive has long offered design tools and embedded 金宝博滚球专家software products that help automakers,tier 1 suppliers and semiconductor companies develop safety-critical systems that conform to the safety standard ISO 26262.

The Mentor Safe program includes an array of ISO 26262 documentation and tool qualification,with third-party certification for select products.Among our third-party-certified products:

  • Xpedition Enterprise and PADS Professional PCB design,layout and analysis tools;SGS-TUV Saar and TUV-SUD has certified qualification reports up to and including ASIL D for any tool confidence level (TCL)
  • Veloce® hardware emulation platform;SGS-TÜV Saar has certified the ISO 26262 compliance of tool qualification reports for key 金宝博滚球专家software elements of its groundbreaking new Veloce® Strato™ emulation platform.The certification extends Mentor's leadership in functional safety assurance and hardware emulation technology,while helping chip designers meet and exceed the increasingly stringent safety and quality requirements of the global automotive industry.
  • Volcano™ VSTAR AUTOSAR Basic 金宝博滚球专家Software (BSW) stack,which provides a fully AUTOSAR 4.0-compliant and scalable middleware for ECU design and is TUV-SUD certified for automotive safety integrity level (ASIL) B
  • Tessent® silicon test and yield analysis tools;SGS-TUV Saar has certified qualification reports for 12 Tessent products as standalone tools or in a tool-chain up to and including ASIL D for any tool confidence level (TCL)
  • Questa® FPGA and SoC simulation and debug tools;SGS-TUV Saar has certified qualification reports for Questa Advanced Simulator,Questa Clock-Domain Crossing (CDC) and Questa Verification Management as standalone tools or in a tool-chain up to and including ASIL D for any tool confidence level (TCL)
  • Catapult® High-Level Synthesis (HLS) which synthesize C++/SystemC to RTL for FPGA and ASIC;SGS-TUV Saar has certified the ISO 26262 compliance of the tool qualification report which includes 15 金宝博滚球专家software use cases up to and including ASIL D at tool confidence level(TCL1) in a tool-chain and standalone including TCL2/TCL3 use cases requiring user Validation evidence.
  • Xpedition®,HyperLynx®,PADS® Professional,and Valor® NPI are certified by TÜV SÜD and SGS-TÜV Saar to provide PCB systems design solutions that achieve ISO 26262 Tool Confidence Level 1 (TCL1) certification for use on automotive projects requiring Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL) of A through D.

Other Mentor Safe highlights include ReqTracer,an ISO 26262-qualified requirements management tool for complex FPGA and ASIC design.Mentor's ISO 26262 roadmap includes plans for qualification and certification of more of Mentor's broad design portfolio.


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SoC Design & Verification


The Tessent® family of tools provides solutions to address quality and the reliability aspects of ISO 26262 during both device manufacturing as well as in-system operation.Twelve Tessent products are now TUV-certified as part of the Mentor Safe Program.Use Tessent advanced test solutions to target zero-DPM silicon.And its unique diagnosis and yield analysis capabilities enable the quick and accurate root cause analysis of field returns as well as the identification of systematic defects that lead to yield excursions.


The Questa® family of products is the industry's comprehensive advanced verification platform capable of reducing the risk of validating complex FPGA and SoC designs,including those at the heart of modern automotive electronics systems.Use Questa to apply formal verification techniques to digital circuitry specified in a register transfer level (RTL) language,such as Verilog or VHDL — the key to ensuring trust of a vehicle's hardware,firmware,OS and application layer's security. Questa ADMS Mixed-Signal Simulator,was added to the program in August 2017,along with several other advanced AMS verification products.


The Veloce® emulation platform combines a unique hardware platform architecture,innovative operating system,specialized Apps,and versatile peripheral solutions to deliver a comprehensive and flexible high-speed,high-capacity verification environment.Use Veloce to accelerate pre- and post-silicon verification no matter which market segment you are in,and to achieve unprecedented visibility and debug at hardware speeds,using real-world data. The Veloce Strato™ emulation platform was added to the program in June 2017.


Requirements tracking with ReqTracer links,manages and tracks requirements from multiple sources throughout the design and verification process.Safety critical design means that the design requirements and the verified implementation must match,exactly;ReqTracer can provide the proof needed to deliver products that meet these goals because it automates requirement traceability for ISO 26262 compliance.

Analog FastSPICE (AFS) Platform

The Analog FastSPICE™ (AFS) Platform is the world's fastest nanometer circuit verification platform for analog,RF,mixed-signal,and custom digital circuits.More than 150 companies use the AFS Platform for their toughest circuit verification challenges,including high-speed I/Os,PLLs,ADCs/DACs,CMOS image sensors,RFICs and embedded memory.


EZwave™ is a high-capacity,high-performance graphical waveform environment for displaying and analyzing complex analog,digital,RF,and mixed-signal simulation results from a range of advanced simulators,including Questa and Eldo.


The Nitro-SoC™ next-generation place and route system comprehensively addresses the time-to-market,performance,capacity,power,area,and variability challenges encountered at the leading-edge process nodes.This advanced physical design implementation tool delivers best-in-class area,power,and performance while significantly reducing design cycle time with a very high design throughput.


Calibre® is the overwhelming market share leader and the industry standard for IC physical verification,due to the outstanding performance,accuracy and reliability of Calibre products,several of which are particularly useful when it comes to ISO 26262.

Calibre PERC

Use Calibre PERC™ to ensure accurate reliability verification while achieving ISO 26262.To improve the coverage of IC reliability verification in a circuit-aware context,Calibre PERC allows you to perform a focused analysis of circuit implementation from both a circuit topology and layout perspective.As part of this analysis,external constraints can be leveraged to direct the intent of checks and help determine which circuits are out of compliance — essential to identifying reliability issues and ensuring compliance with reliability requirements and industry standards.

Calibre Auto-Waivers

Calibre® Auto-Waivers™ allows you to achieve automated recognition and removal of waived design rule violations during DRC (design rule checking).It saves waivers and their associated text to a specific geometry layer,providing a consistent and permanent waiver record that enables automated signoff-quality waiver removal during DRC.Because waiver information is permanently embedded into the IP design,Calibre Auto-Waivers also enables historical waiver analysis across designs and processes.


The Catapult® Platform dramatically decreases your hardware design time from the design start to register transfer level (RTL) verification closure compared to traditional hand-coded RTL.The Catapult Platform unifies HLS with a proven verification methodology and new tools that enable rapid and predictable RTL verification closure based on C++/SystemC-level verification closure—a major step toward signoff of C++/SystemC code so that it's ISO 26262-compliant.

Eldo Platform

Eldo Platform is an industry-proven,advanced circuit verification platform for analog-centric circuits.The platform offers a differentiated solution for reliability verification and comprehensive circuit analysis & diagnostics for analog,RF and mixed-signal circuits in a range of industries,including automotive.More than 200 companies rely on Eldo Platform for safety,reliability and quality verification of ICs used in application-specific and power management applications.


FormalPro™ is the Mentor Graphics solution for gate-level regression testing of ASICs and ICs of 100,000 gates or more.FormalPro uses static formal verification techniques to prove that a design is functionally identical to its golden reference.


The Oasys-RTL™ physical RTL synthesis solution addresses the need for higher capacity,faster runtimes,improved QoR,and physical awareness by optimizing the design at a higher level of abstraction and using integrated floorplanning and placement capabilities.Oasys-RTL,formerly called RealTime Designer,provides better quality of results by enabling physical accuracy,floorplanning,and fast optimization iterations to get to design closure on time.

System Design

Xpedition EnterpriseandPADS Professional

Xpedition Enterprise and PADS Professional enable teams — from global engineering groups developing the most advanced electronics to small workgroups and individuals — to design,validate and manufacture complex PCBs.

Nucleus SafetyCert

Use Nucleus® SafetyCert™,a safety-certified real­time operating system (RTOS) and middleware package,as the foundation of your high-performance applications.Nucleus SafetyCert has compliant safety cases for numerous industry­-specific standards,including Automotive ISO 26262 ASIL B.

Safety Certifiable Instrument Cluster

Safety Certifiable Instrument Cluster allows you to simultaneously display safety­-critical driver information with rich 3D graphics on a single instrument cluster display.The 金宝博滚球专家software architecture can be implemented on single­-core SoCs.This addresses a key problem: how to migrate safety­-critical driver information to full­-featured,graphically ­rich digital instrument clusters and comply with safety standards including ISO 26262,without pushing up hardware or safety certification costs.

Mentor Embedded Hypervisor

Mentor Embedded Hypervisor is a small-footprint,Type 1 hypervisor that includes support for ARM® TrustZone™ to secure critical information and 金宝博滚球专家software.This allows multiple levels of safety critical applications to run on the same processor that support freedom from interference requirements of ISO 26262.


Use the Volcano family for an entire range of system and networks design,虚拟验证和测试工具,and embedded 金宝博滚球专家software development for automotive electronic and SW systems using multiplexed communication networks.

Volcano VSTAR

Volcano VSTAR™ 金宝博滚球专家software can be safely used as the foundation of any safety-­critical ECU you are developing.Several of the BSW modules are being certified to ISO 26262 Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) B and higher ASIL levels are coming.VSTAR provides you a fully AUTOSAR 4.0­-compliant and scalable middleware for ECU design,which abstracts automotive applications from ECU hardware.

Volcano Vehicle Systems Architect (VSA)

Volcano VSA™ is a system design tool for AUTOSAR-based systems,allowing you to design ECU hardware and 金宝博滚球专家software and manage the relationships between the two.

Volcano VSA COM Designer

Volcano VSA COM Designer™ is a network design tool that enables you to design automotive CAN,LIN and FlexRay networks while managing timing requirements,variants,configurations and releases.

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