Mentor Automotive Services

Tools + services accelerate automotive electrical design

Mentor Automotive provides a wide array of services,including designing and producing custom hardware for automotive interfaces and applications.This work ranges from prototype and evaluation systems to complete product development.Examples include complex and high-performance SoC and FPGA-based designs,audio sample rate converters,and video and graphics interfaces.Printed circuit boards are laid out to automotive production standards,and electromagnetic (EMC) standards compatibility.

We also provide an array of 金宝博滚球专家software-related services for a wide array of automotive components and subsystems.We can help whether you're working in Android,Linux,Nucleus or other operating systems.Our engineer-led teams work across the entire coding lifecycle,from the earliest planning and feasibility phases through to deployment,maintenance and support.And our services team even offers full turnkey solutions that include the entire 金宝博滚球专家software stack – kernel and libraries,middleware and advanced applications – specifically created for the targeted automotive use cases.

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