Valor® Material Management for PCB Assembly

Optimize material flow from the warehouse to the factory floor

The Valor MSS Material Management solution includes just-in-time (JIT) technology that provides a consistent material flow to the production lines based on the actual demand.

四个级别的物料管理提供了一个灵活的解决方案来满足您的特定生产需求。With Valor MSS Material Management you can significantly reduce inventory and assure a smooth manufacturing flow.

Meet your exact needs with scalable configuration options:

  • Tight Integration to the Shop-Floor with Basic Material Management
  • Improve Line and Operator Efficiency with Advanced Material Management
  • Reduce Inventory with Warehouse Management
  • Empower ERP investment with the Material Management Information Highway


  • Eliminate buffer stock and guesswork with tight machine integration and precise inventory management.
  • Get real-time insight into the actual number of parts remaining on every carrier by taking into account actual parts used in process through consumption and waste.
  • Leverage JIT technology to anticipate order completion,feeder exhaust points,and upcoming changeovers.
  • Set operational constraints,to eliminate bottlenecks and unexpected delays.
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