Valor® Material Utilization for PCB Assembly


Valor Material Verification automates error control in material management,ensuring that a PCB factory line will not be run until all material set-ups are correct.它还提供先进的功能,如LED灯类分箱和变量设置的实时验证。

Valor Material Verification eliminates manufacturing errors by enforcing correct setups,changeovers,feeder positioning,MSD constraints and feeder management rules.


  • Reduces costs by reducing rework and scrapped material
  • 通过减少设置时间和消除设置错误,最大限度地提高设备利用率和交付率
  • Provides a single platform used across different machine vendors and machine types
  • Improves line performance by forcing preventative maintenance on feeders,and blocking the use of bad or expired feeders
  • Provides LED light class management and complex substitutions of LEDs with corresponding resistors without program changes
  • Uses the optional mobile device to communicate feeder verification data and real-time status and performance
  • Blocks the use of unqualified or expired materials,such as unauthorized substitutions with advanced AVL checking
  • Verifies offline feeder trolleys,分组手推车或移动馈电单元(MFU)
  • 支持SMT机器上的拼接验证
  • Creates intelligent functionality without the use of intelligent feeders using the advanced verification functions
  • Automatically stops the machine in case of an incorrect,expired or blocked component

""Valor MSS reduces the human errors using automation,数据收集,and verification of setup and materials with electronic documentation.""

Yossef Gutman,Production Unit Manager,RH Technologies
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