Lost In The Cloud? Mentor Shows The Way

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Lost In The Cloud? Mentor Shows The Way

云计算服务是刚刚圣arted in the many ways they can complement and augment traditional, IT enterprise infrastructures. The electronics industry is truly at the beginning of a new and promising journey—a variety of fruitful paths lay ahead. Many roads lead to cloud-enhanced tools and productivity. This flexibility is part of the beauty of the cloud. It also means that choosing the right path is not necessarily straightforward, nor is it fixed. So companies must evaluate cloud-migration strategies and the tradeoffs.

Yet many companies see the cloud as a destination they simply move to in a single step, simply trading an earth-bound, room full of hardware for a panoply of virtual products and services in the cloud. Thus, although they see the advantages of moving to the cloud, they have not mapped the path best suited to their tools and processes. As a result, they may get lost in the clouds.

Fortunately, Mentor, A Siemens Business, is not lost in the cloud. We are here to help companies find their way to the best mix of services and solutions for them. We understand this industry transforming trend and have a clear vision and strategy that sees “moving to the cloud” as a journey full of opportunities and options.

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