ECAD/MCAD Collaboration

Enables bi-directional collaboration between electrical and mechanical domains.

Xpedition facilitates communication of design data to mechanical CAD systems using ProSTEP-approved data exchange standard based on XML protocol.With the ProSTEP data exchange designers are able to communicate between disciplines at any time or frequency,将参与者保持在各自系统的舒适区。

A robust platform to propose and exchange only the necessary data to illustrate a proposal.

  • Enables ECAD and MCAD design teams to optimize electronics within tight form-factor constraints while still meeting quality,reliability and performance requirements
  • Replaces paper and verbal interchanges with digital and error-free changes
  • Provides a graphical platform for collaborative"discussions"确保ECAD和MCAD工程师考虑整套设计要求。
  • Allows the user to preview the proposed modification before it is applied to the design in order to see if it meets the design requirements

ECAD and MCAD designers can collaborate from within their own environments

节省培训和机上时间金宝搏娱乐城;no need to learn new tools

3D visualization of the PCB and enclosure within layout environment

Allows the designer to optimize the layout based on the mechanical and manufacturability constraints.

Preview the proposed change before applying it in your design

To clearly identify a proposed design change,设计人员能够在设计中应用修改之前,突出显示3D查看器中建议的协作对象。

一致的,iterative communication

Keeps design teams synchronized throughout all design stages to avoid rework late in the design process

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