DFM Validation & NPI

Bring your new products to market faster,with the highest quality and at the lowest possible cost

Maximize your design to manufacturing efficiencies by leveraging the integration with Valor DFM technology.  Identify potential manufacturing issues while you are still in the design stage.Many of the checks can even be run without ever leaving the Xpedition environment.


Look at your design as your manufacturer does,确定改进设计以降低制造成本的机会。如果设计问题预计会增加较低产量或人工处理的可能性,suppliers will increase the price of the PCB to cover the overage needed.


Use Valor NPI to analyze your design for DFM issues related to:

  • Fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Microvias
  • Flex/Rigid-flex
  • Panel
  • 包装基板

一旦你的印刷电路板准备好生产发布,使用valor npi快速创建组装面板布局。通过在valor npi中创建组装面板,可以确保面板配置本身不会出现任何制造问题。还可以使用面板优化模块计算面板的材料利用率,which is a primary cost driver.

Instead of sending a massive set of drawings and documents to convey manufacturing instructions,let Valor NPI deliver everything needed in the form of a Manufacturing Product Model.  It saves time on your side creating and validating the release package and it is more efficient and less error-prone for your supplier to handle as well.


Empowers PCB designers to identify opportunities to improve the yield and cost of their designs for manufacturing issues.Valor analysis is integrated within the Xpedition layout environment so designers never have to leave their native tools.


Systematically identifies issues that affect yield,cost and reliability of your product.直观的界面功能可以快速理解标记的问题,并允许用户首先解决最关键的问题。


柔性和刚性柔性电路使用独特的材料和制造工艺。Check your flex and rigid-flex circuits against your suppliers' capabilities to assure your design is optimized for manufacturing on the initial release.

Panel Design & Optimization

Quickly and easily create assembly arrays in virtually any configuration imaginable.该软件还金宝博滚球专家允许您确定最有效的制造面板尺寸,以最小化您的材料成本。

Preparation of the complete manufacturing product model

Creating your entire release package from one tool enables the most efficient,将正确、全面的产品模型发送到制造部门。

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