Automated Circuit Diagram Generation

UsingCapital Autoviewtools companies can automate the creation of many types of schematic diagram and provide big savings in time and effort.

Most companies have several different types of electrical schematic – system diagrams,wiring diagrams and service diagrams,for example.These diagrams share a large amount of common information,yet are often drawn individually by different departments – this is inefficient and error-prone,because it's hard to maintain synchronicity.

AutoView technology allows designers to create diagrams automatically from a variety of sources:

  • Direct from tabular data  (i.e.spreadsheet data)
  • Derive from superset or subset of one or more existing diagrams (i.e.creation of service diagrams
  • Direct from wiring definitions generated by Capital Integrator's wire synthesis.

AutoView technology includes design rules and algorithms to control the layout of the generated diagrams.Generated diagrams can be modified interactively by the user to improve the aesthetics and Autoview can memorize and re-apply these modifications to later design revisions,streamlining the process and minimizing design effort

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