Capital Harness TVM

Rapid,accurate process planning and harness cost estimation

Capital Harness TVM enables costing & process planning engineers to rapidly and accurately synthesize harness build processes & tasks,costs,manufacturing times,and more,from a harness design created by Capital HarnessXC,Capital ModularXC,or VeSys 2.0 Harness.

Unlike traditional approaches that rely on approximation,labor-intensive & detailed expert analysis,proprietary hard-coded applications,and slow error-prone processes,Capital Harness TVM provides a formal framework and process for the rapid generation of accurate time and labor costing.

Capital Harness TVM is designed to support both OEMs and Harness Suppliers with specific functionality designed to help the individual engineering tasks: OEM cost controllers,OEM architects and designers,Supplier sales/quotation engineers,Supplier industrial engineers,and Supplier value engineers.


  • Easy to use graphical process-management tool generates multi-level,structured BOMs to drive ERP systems - raising the efficiency of process planners and reducing cycle times
  • Generates rapid and accurate labor and material time & cost estimates from detailed sub-assembly task analysis – supporting faster and more competitive quotation,and higher profitability by elimination of errors
  • Configurable operations,operation-sequences,tasks and factory models capture best-practice process expertise that can be applied across multiple manufacturing sites – improving standardization and cutting costs
  • Automated identification of common sub-assemblies eliminates sub-assembly duplication and cuts manufacturing costs
  • Faster process planning supports longer-term planning of resources allowing companies to avert planning/manufacturing resource crises
  • Automated generation of sub-assembly part-numbers for feeding ERP systems reduces effort and improves efficiency
  • Automated processing of harness design data from Capital HarnessXC,Capital ModularXC,VeSys 2.0 Harness
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