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Cell Library Analysis & Validation

Kronos Characterizer

Kronos Characterizer is a high-throughput,general purpose cell library characterization tool for standard cells,multi-bit cells,power management cells,general purpose I/O,and complex I/O cells


  • All-in-one solution: integrated platform for cell library characterization of standard cells,multi-bit cells,power management cells,general purpose I/O,and complex I/O cells
  • 具有快速周转时间和多模拟作业控制的高吞吐量
  • 新建或重新描述现有库
  • 创建时间和功率的状态相关模型
  • Supports Liberty,Verilog,VHDL/VITAL
  • 支持IBIS模型生成和验证
  • Supports NLDM,CCS,左心室肥厚,and ECSM model generation
  • Complete user control of configurations and output model formatting
  • Kronos Characterizer quickly produces accurate timing and power models for standard cells,I/Os,and complex cells within an advanced,integrated environment.Kronos characterizes timing,power,and noise for design synthesis and timing verification systems.
  • Kronos is highly optimized to maximize performance for large-scale characterization while minimizing load on compute infrastructure.
  • Kronos supports re-characterization of existing libraries,enhancement of existing libraries with new cell functions,以及创建新的单元库。
  • Kronos has comprehensive control of state coverage for timing,power,and constraints.
  • Kronos Characterizer Plus is able to generate Liberty and Verilog/VHDL models for a wide variety of cells.
  • Board-level IBIS models are fully supported for IBIS version 4.2 and earlier.
  • Kronos has comprehensive support for CCS Timing,Power,和噪音,ECSM timing,和lvf(自由变化格式)。
  • Kronos允许用户驱动的自定义方法配置。
  • Kronos Characterizer Plus对现有库进行了重新描述,以说明过程模型的变化,cell layouts,SPICE models,等。利用Kronos分析仪,Kronos使设计师能够比较香料模型变化的效果,layout changes,以及单元性能优化。
  • Versatile model creation and support
    • 通过导入现有库,可以快速轻松地配置kronos characterizer plus。Comprehensive support of Liberty modeling methods handles all technology setups.
    • Kronos is natively integrated with the Eldo and AFS simulators to achieve high-performance and efficiency.

Kronos Analyzer

Kronos Analyzer is a library validation and optimization flow with library comparison technology and a rule-based checker that generates easy to read and interpret reports and graphs.


  • Versatile comparison and validation capabilities
  • 比较两个库以验证正确性或评估性能
  • 精确定位新库发布更新中的更改,以完成库验证和分析
  • 查询,report,以及任意数量的库之间的图表结果
  • Qualify and validate libraries and processes with custom and built-in analysis flows
  • Rule-based checker with easy to read and interpret reports
  • Automatically find cell maps between libraries based on cell behavior
  • Complete support for: Liberty format,标准单元,I/O,以及复杂的电池时间和功率模型
  • Kronos Analyzer provides versatile comparison and validation capabilities that can be used for correlation,comparison,and production validation.
  • Kronos Analyzer has extensive comparison capabilities that quickly help isolate effects of changes to spice models,方法论,or underlying tools involved in characterization.
  • Kronos Analyzer can operate on any number of libraries for queries,绘图和报告。Visual comparison across drive strength,process,voltage,等。是直截了当的。
  • Kronos Analyzer provides validation capabilities with error-threshold based numerical comparison as well as structural comparison of equivalent libraries.
  • Kronos Analyzer为Liberty模型提供基于规则的验证,并具有合理的放弃能力,因此可以获得通过/失败的结果;thus avoiding time-consuming review of reports.
  • KronosAnalyzer独特的功能匹配技术使图书馆鉴定团队能够比较不同来源的图书馆。
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