coolSRAM-6Tembedded memory IP is an ideal solution for ASIC,ASSP and System-on-Chip (SoC) applications with stringent power,speed or area requirements.Embedded coolSRAM-6T is designed to deliver the best performance and power characteristics at any given instance size.

coolSRAM-6T is used in circuits which requires ultra fast speed.This can be complemented with coolSRAM-1T for high density blocks.

The coolSRAM-6T IP is based on the production proven,foundry-provided 6T SRAM cell and offers advanced leakage control features,near zero setup times and optional column and row redundancy.

Like all Mentor embedded coolMemory IP,coolSRAM-6T can be customized via the MemQuest memory compiler,a Web-based on-line tool suite that enables the SoC designer to specify and implement custom memories in a matter of minutes.

Features and Benefites

  • Customer architected through the MemQuest memory compiler and characterization tool
  • Based on foundry-provided 6T SRAM cell
  • Reliable,silicon-proven architecture
  • Single port architecture
  • Reliable operation and performance well beyond normal Process / Voltage / Temperature variations
  • Supports large instances
  • Selectable power,speed,and area
  • Selectable word width,depth and aspect ratio
  • Optimized for high performance and low power designs Ideal for portable applications
  • Up to 2x lower active power
  • Up to 10x lower leakage current with LPM (leakage-power-management)
  • Speed typically 20% faster than competitive solutions
  • Density typically 15% higher than competitive solutions
  • Suitable for low voltage operation
  • Lower overall packaging and system cost
  • Lower end-product cost due to higher achievable densities
  • Silicon and production-validated provide manufacturability assurance
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