Mentor Graphics 8051 microcontroller is utilized across the board in consumer and industrial applications,it is field proven,reliable and mature,having taped out in dozens of projects in many different process nodes.

Features and Benefits

  • Mentor Graphics 8051's are available as soft digital IP in Verilog & VHDL source code.
  • There are three generations in the Mentor Graphics M8051 product family.
    • The first generation M8051 is cycle accurate to the reference part,and features the same i/o peripherals as the reference part.
    • The second generation M8051W & M8051EW are fast parts with reduced clock cycles and they feature additional configurable i/o peripherals.
    • The third generation M8051W-V5 & M8051EW-V3 are enhanced with further clock cycle reduction and more i/o peripherals.
  • Mentor GraphicsQuesta CodelinkGeneric CPU support is available on all Mentor Graphics Soft Digital IP Processors.
  • Annual support for Mentor's 8051/8052 Microcontroller IP products is available from Syntill8 Ltd.

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