The Mechanical Analysis Division of Mentor Graphics combines the heritage and DNA of Flomerics,尼卡MicReD and Flomaster yielding unique strengths to our clients.我们专注于设计师和制造商提供优雅的现实世界应用的需求。CFD解决方案这些年来。

Our management team has many years of experience and expertise in PLM,CAE,计算机辅助设计,CFD和其他模拟行业。FloEFD emerged in the 1980s out of world-class aerodynamics expertise within the Russian Aerospace industry,Flomaster起源于英国流体力学研究协会,Flotherm来自伦敦帝国理工学院。


Electronics Cooling History

Nearly 40 years ago two pioneers of the commercial CFD industry,Harvey Rosten and David Tatchell,曾在帝国理工学院的关键CFD研究小组Brian Spalding教授研究算法,伦敦。后来在斯伯丁的商业部门工作之后,查姆David & Harvey had a vision;they wanted to create a new kind of CFD 188beatcompany that was solution driven rather than technology driven like general purpose CFD codes – in effect they wanted to deliver design class CFD tools for particular industry applications.Hence,1988年,他们成立并成为Flormerics有限公司的共同所有者和领导者,Flormerics有限公司迅速发展成为其市场的主导者。


近20年前,两位MCAD Embedded CFD的先驱在德国的一次会议上会面,Alexander Sobachkin and Roland Feldhinkel,他们决定成立一家新的3D CFD公司,名为Nika(以希腊胜利之神的名字命名)。188beat他们预见到了MCAD工具的爆炸式增长,以及CFD在设计周期中被深深嵌入的日益增长的需求,从而对设计工程师和产品制造公司范围广泛的分析师都具有日常利益。他们的愿景是从头开始构建一个CFD代码,该代码易于使用且通用,但嵌入到工程师今天使用的所有MCAD工具中,以影响其设计工作流。他们随后开创了Engineering Fluid Dynamics"and the commercial success of the world-leading multiCAD-embedded CFD 金宝博滚球专家software,FloEFD今天,它在产品的整个设计周期中提供了预先和并发的CFD模拟。在过去的15年中,FloEFD已成为世界上使用最广泛的通用CFD代码之一。


在过去的二十年中,著名的布达佩斯理工大学(BME)电子器件系一直处于开发热瞬态测试和表征工具的前沿。由教授领导。Vladim_r sz_kely教授Márta Rencz,他们预见到需要精确,fast,电子工业中的热特征化工具,通过研究和开发工作,导致了为电子系统热设计和测试的质量和可靠性创造硬件和软件产品。金宝博滚球专家They set up MicReD (Microelectronics Research & Development) in 1997 to commercialize their know-how and ideas and subsequently produced the world-leading unique T3Ster® – the Thermal Transient Tester equipment and a host of allied accessories.


自20世纪80年代以来,Flomaster在通用1d计算流体力学(CFD)领域确立了市场领先地位。Flomaster来自英国流体力学研究协会(BHRA),该协会20多年来的主要研究人员之一Don Miller收集了管道的经验压降数据,管,阀,泵和内部测量的相关其他管道组件。他关于这个话题的开创性著作,“内部流动系统”is now in its fourth edition and is a textbook much respected and used by engineers of all types worldwide.Mentor's FloMASTER suite of products includes a wealth of data from Miller's book plus other unpublished data for a wide range of ~500 standard and non-standard flow components that are used in steady state and transient thermo-fluid systems and network models today.Although Don is retired now,他的遗产通过位于英国汤斯特的Flomaster开发团队得以延续。

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