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Tools for the safe design of components,系统和环境

Process plants can comprise many miles of pipes and fittings.确保此类系统得到充分设计,heat exchangers sized and shut down/start up procedures defined is critical to safe and efficient operation. Be it predicting pressure surge in a pipeline system,optimizing a heat exchanger design or ensuring an environment it properly ventilated;Mentor Graphics has a suite of simulation packages to provide engineers with the insight they need to oversee innovative and safe designs.


Industrial Gas Networks



The transportation and handling of gas is an issue present in many industrial processes.这些气体可能处于高温下,高流速,有毒或上述任何组合。因此,为了设计最高效的发电厂,不仅必须充分了解任何拟议的电网,这也是建立安全操作环境的绝对要求。

Recommended Solutions

FloMASTER enables engineers to build virtual prototypes of their pipelines,enabling components to be sized,different configurations assessed,insulation requirements judged and safety critical scenarios evaluated.Its compressible solver can handle both real and ideal gas models and is complemented by a comprehensive NIST database of fluid properties.

FloEFD complements the FloMASTER solution by enabling the loss characteristics of components not covered in the standard FloMASTER catalogue to be evaluated and easily imported into FloMASTER.In addition,its unique meshing technology allows complex geometries to be easily simulated,meaning that simulations of plume dispersal from chimney's or flares can be easily handled.

Ventilation/Contaminant Dispersal

Ensure adequate ventilation reaches all parts of a facility or that clean rooms are suitably served by fresh air and exhaust networks.


Airflow is a complex phenomenon,subtle geometry changes or changes in temperature can result in very different flow patterns.  This has particular importance where the designer needs to consider the dispersal of pollutants in laboratories,cleanrooms or hospitals.  A thorough understanding of the response over a range of likely operating scenarios is essential:



In healthcare facilities,airborne viruses and bacteria can be a threat to both patients and staff.这可能会产生毁灭性的影响,这取决于接触的地点,whether it's in a patient room,isolation room or operating room.It is important to be able to control or eliminate these contaminants through the effective design of ventilation systems.

In laboratories,it is important that the overall ventilation system for the space does not compromise the effectiveness of the fume hoods.In particular,潜在危险的化学蒸汽可能会从通风柜中逸出,对室内的科学家造成危险。

Recommended Solutions

FloEFD's CAD embedded simulation package combines a unique approach to meshing with demonstrably high levels of accuracy.  It can thus be readily applied to complex geometries and scenarios.  FloEFD can deliver information on both comfort parameters and calculate local mean age and local air change index parameters.  It also allows tracer studies to be carried out to track the dispersal rate of gases and particulates.

FloVENT offers a powerful solver to quickly assess the ventilation of internal environments.  Designed specifically for this task,its interface is designed to aid engineers in obtaining useful results quickly and easily.FloVENT features a comprehensive model creation environment for HVAC airflow modeling design.  A wide range of models can be assembled quickly from a complete set of SmartParts (intelligent model creation macros).SmartParts capture modeling expertise,流线型模型创建,minimizes solve times and so maximizes solution accuracy.



Pressure surge,or"water hammer",当管道系统中的流体速度发生快速变化时发生。我们通常以最温和的形式感受到,当家用水龙头快速关闭时,有时会听到“敲击”声。然而,on an industrial scale,其严重程度足以导致灾难性部件故障。因此,管道系统设计人员必须了解其网络对计划(正常关闭和止回阀操作)和计划外事件(泵/阀故障等)的可能压力响应。此知识可用于选择和选择批准延迟喘振缓解策略和装置。

Recommended Solutions


FloMASTER contains all the tools an engineer will need to analyze the transient response of a pipeline system: the empirical data that underpins the component library provides unprecedented accuracy,while the method of characteristics solver and cavity prediction tool allow for even the most severe surge events to be readily predicted.

The component library encompasses a range of common surge alleviation devices such as gas admission valves and surge tanks,which allows for the most effective method to be selected and sized from the earliest stages of the design process.

FloEFD offers engineers the opportunity to carry out accurate three-dimensional computer simulations of components without the overhead usually associated with 3D computational fluid dynamics.  Embedded within a range of commonly used CAD tools,it uses a unique and well validated approach to solve for even the most complex of geometries in quick time.



The combination of large scale,high flow-rate and rapid actuation makes fire mains particularly vulnerable to water hammer.


Fire mains form the backbone of fire fighting strategies for sea going vessels and process plants of any appreciable size.  From a hydraulic perspective,they bring together three elements (scale,流速和响应时间短),使它们特别容易受到水锤的影响。

Careful analysis and design is therefore essential to ensure that installed systems fulfil their required role.

Recommended Solution

FloMASTER enables designers to accurately predict the performance of both open and closed loop systems in steady state and transient.  Flow rates to different points of the network can be easily balanced and – if required – surge alleviation measure evaluated and sized.

Cooling Water Networks

Thermal power stations require vast amounts of cooling water for operation.Ensuring these systems are well designed is a fundemental requirement.

热力学定律清楚地表明,在我们利用热量发电的地方,there will always be a proportion rejected to a cold sink.

冷却网络可能非常复杂,vary widely in scale and design but they are always critical to the safe and continued use of the installation they support.  The design of such networks is thus fundamental to the safe operation of systems covering a range from a few kilo-Watts to several giga-Watts.

Recommended Solutions


Flomaster中的瞬态解算器使小规模系统(通常在一系列条件下运行)的设计者能够了解其网络对不断变化的负载和需求的响应。At the larger scale,如果水锤是真正的风险,FloMASTER is well suited to help quantify and design out undesirable surge events and protect cooling water condensers.

In addition,FloEFD's unique meshing solution enables engineers to obtain accurate solutions on even the most complex of geometries.  Therefore making it the ideal tool for understanding the flow patterns in complex manifolds or fittings or even the wind-loading on and plume dispersal from cooling towers.

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Unique meshing technology allows engineers to leverage the power of CFD within the design process.了解更多


A robust and efficient solver for the understanding of air flow in enclosed spaces.了解更多

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