Fast and accurate thermal test,measurement and characterization of IC packages,LEDs and systems



T3Ster® (pronounced"Tris ter“)是一种先进的集成电路封装热特性测试仪,快速产生广泛热特性的LED和系统。A proprietary system consisting of 金宝博滚球专家software and hardware,T3Ster is designed to meet the needs of the semiconductor,运输业,消费电子和LED工业以及研发实验室。

““In our lab today the T3Ster is mainly used to measure the thermal resistance of our packages in customer-specific environments.Thanks to the T3Ster,这些测量方法非常快速且易于执行。With the help of the T3Ster-Master 金宝博滚球专家software we are not only able to give customers strong confidence that our compact thermal models are correct,同时也让他们了解热量如何散发到环境中,以及在板组装过程中可能发生的故障的影响。““

Ir.John H.J.詹森NXP半导体


一套一致的测试硬件和软件,金宝博滚球专家t3ster旨在对封装的半导体器件(二极管,BJTs,功率MOSFET,IGBTs,power LEDs),叠层模具和其他多模具设备。

使用专用夹具和软件,金宝博滚球专家也可以对MCPCBs和其他基板或冷却组件进行表征。Dedicated test environments added to T3Ster form special solutions aimed at comprehensive testing of LEDs (TeraLED) and thermal interface materials (DynTIM).

Non-destructive Component Failure Analysis


与其他系统不同,t3ster直接测量实际的加热或冷却曲线,即封装半导体器件的热瞬态响应,而不是通过单个响应人工合成它们。T3Ster offers extremely accurate temperature measurements (0.01° C) and 1 micro-second measurement resolution in time.

Reliability Testing with Power Cycling and Subsequent Structure Function Analysis

使用结构功能可以很容易地定位模具连接故障。Structure functions show the thermal resistance/capacitance map along the heat flow path in a semiconductor package.借助由此产生的图表,可以很容易地识别和定位热去除中的不规则现象(如模具连接故障)。

该方法是可靠性分析中理想的应力前和应力后失效检测工具。This laboratory testing method is suitable for power LEDs,IGBT和堆叠模具解决方案。此外,还提供了允许高吞吐量实验室测试的t3ster附加组件。

Full Support of the Transient Dual Interface Method (JEDEC JESD51-14 standard) and LED thermal testing (JEDEC JESD51-51,51-52标准)

T3STER执行最新的JEDEC热测试标准以及符合JEDEC的热阻测量和动态特性。它还完全支持瞬态双接口方法(jedec jesd51-14标准,2010年出版)和最新的LED热测试标准(jedec jesd51-51,51-52,published in 2012).

Scalable Equipment,Hardware and 金宝博滚球专家Software Add-on Options

T3Ster有wide range of add-on options在日常热测量和表征工作中提供灵活性:

  • 自动装置校准,带干燥恒温器和两个支持的液冷恒温器
  • Easy connection of any type of thermocouples through the appropriate preamplifiers
  • Increased level of switched power with different booster options
  • Addition of the泰德®大功率LED测量装置
  • Addition of the丹蒂姆®unit for dynamic thermal interface material measurement


半导体封装的散热已成为小型化的限制因素之一。电路设计人员最关心的问题之一是降低由于带宽增加而不断增加的功率。功率的增加导致芯片中的温度升高,这是刚修改过的,later destroys the operation of the circuit,if the heat is not appropriately led out of the device.


Let's take a look at the production yield of a prominent semiconductor manufacturer for the automotive market.They can produce up to 1,000,000 semiconductor chips a day.If the sale price of a single chip is $5,a stoppage in production of 2 days due to a die attach problem would cost the 188beatcompany $10,000,000 in potential lost revenue.Therefore avoiding even a 2 hour stoppage can easily pay for the cost of the system.

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