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Continental's simulation vision is to"Get the Product Right the First Time,“而公司实现这一目188beat标的策略是通过基于仿真的设计决策。As a result,使用Flotherm的模拟现在已经高度集成到设计过程中。

““FloTHERM is a key component of our simulation-based design decisions strategy,ensuring that our thermal design goals are met and we can deliver on Continental's simulation vision of ‘getting the product right the first time."“

博士。劳登施拉格,Continental Automotive GmbH


远离物理原型的世界大陆集团的设计工程师进行全三维系统级建模,模拟中包括所有热相关和气流部件。几何表示基于机械CAD数据,从CAD系统中导出/导入所有相关零件和模块。However,the geometry representation can involve both simplification and idealization.The complexity used depends on the simulation objective: less detail would be used for the analysis of various initial concepts,而更多的细节将包含在成熟设计的模型中。““知道”–大陆集团的竞争优势大陆集团开发了大量内部专有技术,用于建立和验证公司复杂电子系统和子系统的热模拟模型(Flotherm™模型)。188beat包括物理硬件,and potential cooling solutions.



Uncertainties arising from the various unknowns at each stage in the design process,modeling assumptions,并通过验证减轻简化,as the following two examples illustrate.

  1. Tuner-Module Modeling: This can be modeled as a single block with homogeneous power dissipation distribution,as a detailed model with all of the internal electrical components and shielding represented,or anywhere in between.根据大陆集团工程师的经验,a simplified model is often sufficient within a complete system analysis.However,根据图1所示的参考模拟得出内部部件温度的结论。
  2. Chassis Model Verification: A part of the chassis is used as a heatsink for amplifier cooling.An important aspect of the chassis is the extent to which the brackets on the top and bottom covers are in thermal contact (related to manufacturing tolerances).模型假设的验证是提高模型保真度的关键。Therefore,测量了产品的原型,并将结果与仿真模型进行了比较。Scenario 1 (g1) considers the gap to be fully closed (perfect thermal contact),而场景2(g2)的间隙为0.3 mm,因此,盖子之间实际上没有热接触。与测量的外壳温度相比,场景2(带间隙)的结果似乎是支架接触的最佳表示。

大陆集团工程师对模拟的关注并没有停止建立和验证热模型。为改进热设计所做的设计决策可能会影响机械,电气的,and EMC performance of the product.Faced with this problem,大陆集团设计工程师面临的一个主要问题是:在取消此类决策的自由之前,我们如何实现设计灵活性并实现更好的设计决策?“对挑战的答案需要对产品的所有学科行为进行分析,as well as the identification of independent and coupled system variables.Multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) techniques with simulation,优化(目标和约束与学科相关)、实验设计(DOE)和响应面方法是解决这一设计问题的合适方法。



Continental designers have to react quickly to changing customer requirements.Products have to be developed with regards to customer confidence and quality,成本,以及设计时间。MDO已被发现是在多学科环境中寻找更好设计解决方案的合适方法。Simulation supports knowledge generation and a deeper understanding of product behavior at lower cost,在更短的时间内,随着产品灵活性的提高,leading to increased customer confidence in their products.



博士。劳登施拉格,Continental Automotive GmbH

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