Tanner S-Edit Schematic Capture

User-friendly schematic capture environment for even the most complex analog/mixed-signal designs

Tanner S-Edit schematic capture increases your design productivity while handling the most complex IC designs.This powerful environment supports fast,64-bit rendering and cross-probing between schematic,布局,and LVS reporting at net and device levels.

  • Industry-standard support including tight SPICE simulation integration and waveform cross-probing
  • Directly view operating point simulation results in the schematic
  • Cross-probe between schematic,layout and LVS report with net/device highlighting
  • Configurable schematic Electrical Rule Checks (ERC)
  • Advanced array and bus support
  • Integrated with Tanner L-Edit IC to speed the layout and ECO process
  • Available for Windows and Linux


Easy to use

Intuitive,with an easy learning curve that gets you up and running quickly

Property callbacks and multiple views per cell

Including SPICE,schematic,Verilog,Verilog-A and Verilog-AMS views

Industry-standard import and export support

- Export to SPICE,EDIF,Verilog,and VHDL
- Import from OpenAccess,and EDIF,with automatic conversion of files from Mentor and other third-party tools

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